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  1. J

    A cheap all inclusive Lighting kit ?

    Hi, I am looking for a cheep 12v light kit that I can put on my minibike as I prepare to make it sreeet legal. I am looking for something super simple and that has at minimum turn signals that blink and a break light with controls for turn signals. If a kit has more then that please feel free to...
  2. Q

    Yamaha 1993 DT175 Jetting??

    Bought a 1993 DT175 for $500, it runs and it rides (rough) so I figure not a bad deal. Most of the important bits are there and working its just that everything needs some TLC. I plan on doing a full strip (minus bottom end if I can help it) and rebuilding it right At the moment i'm tackling...
  3. android90

    Motvert RX 2" RPM 10,000 Gauge 7 Colours

    Just mounted this on my ""MOTOVERT RX "" street legal pitty .. pointless some may say but I want it just for reference and looks... oh its not hooked up yet cos I couldnt be bothered AHAHAHA!!
  4. TomaszBurcon

    Time To Hit The Road (legal mini help)

    hey guys, i am turning 16 this year and i am wanting to get my L's, and start riding on the road so my questions are: do i need a special license to ride a mini on the road? (by special, i mean different to a normal moto license) do i have to get my car L's, before i get my moto L's...