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  1. J

    Pitpro 140 le help!!!

    hey guys, long time lurker first time poster, Ive got a pitpro 140 le, the ignition is breaking down in the top of the rev range, also wont sit on constant revs, have replaced ignition lead, cap whick was rusty from water ingress, could it be the stator?? Im a mechanic by trade and have tinkered...
  2. angie_dirtmax

    I need a motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship!!!

    Hi my name is Angie, Im 18 and I am looking for a motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship. Yes, I am a girl but I love motos more than anything and would love to work in the motorcycle industry. I am more than keen on learning the ins and outs of bikes! I live in the Sydney West area but I am...