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  1. nicko451

    Sinister50's Seaview SX Triple Crown RD 2 - 11/4

    Sinister50's Seaview SX Triple Crown round 2 Well it's finally upon us, round 2 is just around the corner. The date is locked in for Saturday April 11. THIS IS A ONE DAY EVENT !! The event will be held 60mins west of Port Macquarie located on the Oxley Hyw, the property is called "Mount...
  2. C

    CRF50 handlebar clamp bmx or mx

    Hey guys I'm after triple clamp stem/bar mount for my crf50 as I have just discovered my pro taper bar clamp has a couple of huge cracks in it! I don't care if it's bmx or mx bar style. WANTED: handlebar mount CONDITION: used with no cracks... PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: cheaper than new...
  3. Karlos247

    Sinister50's Seaview SX Triple Crown

    Sinister50's Seaview SX Triple Crown Ok crew it's time for the next installment of the action we're aiming to bring to the scene. This time we are stepping it up another notch with a 2 day event on a purpose built mini SX track with more rhythm combos than KFC.!! ✊ The event will be held...
  4. D

    Footpeg Mounts for Atomik Link 250

    Hi Can anyone point me in the right direction to get a footpeg mount to fit an Atomik Link 250? Hole spacings are 130mm wide x50mm deep. Atomik motorsports seem to be out of stock of any mounts all the time. Cheers in advance Darren
  5. angie_dirtmax

    HEAVY DUTY FOOTPEG MOUNT ? where can i get one

    I need a heavy duty footpeg mount asap for a Pitser pro x4r - any that would fit! Where can i get one in NSW? cant seem to find one anywhere!:hmmm: