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  1. B

    Bolt the magneto sits on has snapped

    I brought a second hand 125cc Bigfoot and the guy said it wasn't running because of something electrical so I tried to kick it over and it made this terrible noise so I took off the magneto cover, seemed fine then I tried to kick it over once more and the magneto fell straight off.
  2. carldjohnston

    MadAss 125 - Help me with a noise

    Hi All, New MadAss 125 owner here, recently picked up a 125 with a 140 upgrade; looks to have OORacing parts, new cylinder, head, carb, CDI etc. I've wanted one since they came out, and this popped up but needed some work. Owner said there was a grinding noise when running, and we...
  3. Johnny_Boi85

    whats all this noise about

    Hey guys started hearing what sounds like a dry lose bolt coming from the motor. its an internal noise. I know its nothing to do with the head as ive recently had it off due to carby issues. The noise is there from start up cold to hot and just when idling. A little throttle makes this sound go...
  4. B

    lifan 140...random noise

    Hey guys, Ive got a Lifan 140 "monster" in my bike. 4-up tranny. when I lean the bike to the left, I hear a 'tapping' noise, when I straighten it back up, it goes away and when I lean to the right, its not there. I just adjusted the valves in hopes that those could be it, but no luck. I...
  5. android90

    "Pitbike 5 Hole Design Silencer Insert"

    Hey this looks a bit strange to me as it looks like it would dramatically increase back pressure..... Here,s the Link ...>>>>> pitbike silencer | Motorbike City <<<<< .............Tell me what you think guys ?