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  1. J

    Missing nut, still safe to ride?

    hey guys, Was out riding last evening, and managed to lose a bolt from the front fork clamps. After spending an hour walking the track i took i have not been able to locate it (yeah i know it was a long shot!) So the question is, until the new nut arrives, is it still safe to ride...
  2. black prince

    Lifan 125CC clutch nut!!!!!!

    Hi need assistance Lifan 125CC clutch nut left or right hand thread???????????? Need to undo clutch nut.
  3. M

    bent valves ? need help

    ok so the other day i was riding my atomic 160 i was riding along and i herd this clicking sound and as i hit a jump the bike stalled mid air and when i landed it was locked up ! on further inspection i saw that the adjuster nut for the intake on the tappets had become completely undone and the...
  4. thumpermechanic88

    Swingarm Nut and bolt dilemma!!!

    Hey all I'm new to this site but iv worked on these things for a shile now I have a crf 50 style frame which has a 125cc ducar with a mikuni 26mm racing carby it goes good but Iv had trouble past couple months tryin to find a nut and bolt to suit my swingarm Iv been to every bolt bloke I know of...