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  1. LEO DPRO 037

    yx 160 head on 155z

    I currently have a 2010 dpro 160 with the 155z engine (oval cam chain cover) and shes getting a bit smokey. Ive changed the rings with little or no improvement. Some have suggested valve stem seals which seems too hard for a rookie engine wizz like me so im thinking of buying a yx head (with...
  2. Phil67

    Oil diagnostics

    I go though oil like the local fish and chip shop, I reckon I have about 30 used 1 litre bottles in my garage. I'm always searching for what oil works best for me. Anyway, on the Ford Forum I saw a post from an oil company that they can drop engine temps by 30% on Harleys so I emailed him to...
  3. rotn50

    Oils aint oils

    This lil mini 110 jeep got sunk at the local golf course and couldn't be recovered for a few hours. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/802_MZb0bsI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  4. rotn50

    Found your prob.

    Shes not running apparently, cant see why it wouldn't. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/pPVdgOms-F8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  5. gottagetacheaperhobby

    fast ace as 02 problem

    so i bought a set of second hand fast ace as 02's (clearly marked on both forks) at a good price recently. went to service them, and the oil chamber is normal on on side (needed the bung taken out to release oil) but the other leg has no bung, and a far bigger hole to the oil chamber. when i...
  6. D

    Adjusting valve clearances

    So I just finished adjusting the valve clearances using the guide on this website was pretty straight forward, just wanted to know was I supposed to drain the oil before I opened the cover for the exhaust valve cause when I open it oil proceeded to leak everywhere. Is this normal or not? Looks...
  7. LuckyGirl

    Tips for Brand New Engine?

    Hello I just got my Brand new Lifan 125cc engine in the mail today. I have never ran a brand new engine before. Anyone have any tips or advise? Like when to change the oil?(after the first hour of use?) What oil should I use? After the first start up how long do you let it warm up before taking...
  8. motorman

    Rebuilding Zhocci's and Elka

    Hey all, Looking at getting both my zhocci's and elka rebuilt. Got a bloke that can do it for me. Just not sure where I can get new seals etc for them? Going to start stipping the bike back tomoz night for a heap of TLC. Will get a build thread up shortly.
  9. D

    Oil spit out breather?!

    Hello, I just put a brand new Lifan 125cc engine in my pit bike. Started riding it today and it doesn't kick over as easily as the old engine did but it ran good once it did. All of a sudden it dies and spits a bunch of oil out the back of the engine out of the breather tube? wtf is that...
  10. MadeInChina

    What bike could this be?

    New to this site. Just picked up a chinese 110cc (108 to be exact) I am not sure what make it is. The trans is manual 4 down. I am also wondering what kind of oil it takes? Does anyone know. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  11. dynamicgs

    Oil Blockage & Sludge

    OK, SO my YX160 all of a sudden stopped... I can kick it over, and it starts for like 3 seconds every 20-30 kicks... Has fuel going in, and spark is good. Checked valve clearances, compression is good and timing all seems to be right.. Noticed a fair bit of sludge when i opend the...
  12. C

    Can I use car oil in my 110cc pit bike?

    Hi, I want to do an oil change but all I have is Castrol GTX2 20-50W car oil. Can I use this? Thanks :)
  13. Clinton3

    Oil Filter

    Hey guys, I just put the first 3 hours on the new top end of my YZ250F 2002 only to discover that it had no oil filter installed. Would this have done damage? I've noticed a lot of minis have no oil filter at all. What makes minis different from big bikes when it comes to the need to...
  14. D

    Right Way to Check Oil level

    YouTube - ‪XR100 & CRF100 - The RIGHT way to Quickly check the oil level‬&rlm; The Right way to check oil level. Motul 300V oil makes power on the Dyno and it runs cooler .
  15. Detz

    lifan 140 questions.

    Ok this is my first post so ill start with hows everyone goin?, im new to mini's and just got one, so i have a few questions to ask. Today i got a bike off a guy, seems to be a pitpro 140, got it cheap cos its got a few problems, sussed the parts on dhz and was happy to buy the bike and pay...
  16. Eben

    Metal dust in engine oil after only 30 mins

    I have a Hummer G4 250 4T that I bought second hand about a month ago, stripped down completely and re-did everything... Got it running this weekend with brand new 20W50 castrol in it, rode it for 30 minutes and decided to change the oil to see what its like. The oil was already dirty, and...
  17. C

    Fork oil?

    Hi Gurus I have a new set of dnm m-200 735mm front forks for my atomik 160cc bigfoot. I weigh 85kg. How much oil for each leg and what weight do you recommend Thanks
  18. J

    drove da beast into a pond wat next?

    hey guys, im back!!!! again... with another prob, the other week i was riding around with a firend and i went to turn to around a lake ( i had done this b4 on this lake) but my front brake failed and i drove it into a pond, since then i have got it runnin, changed the oil about five times (with...
  19. E

    Run In Oil - Mono vs Multigrade

    Howdy Y'all. Looking through the manual for my new Atomik 250 aircooled Kuda Pro it indicates I should use monograde 30 oil for the run in at 300k oil changes and then after 900k switch to use multigrade in 10W-40. I've searched the thread and noticed that everyone suggests Castrol Activ 4T for...
  20. helmotbros

    How Much Oil For 250 Forks

    Ive got a pitpro sx250 thats had oil taken out and i forgot to check the amount of oil it had on both legs (i know stupid move) just wondering if anyone knows how much oil is meant to be in each fork leg for a sx250 or another 250 with similar forks. And yes i have emailed pitpro with no help...