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  1. A

    OKO 24mm carb for 4stroke & 2stroke???????????

    Hey guys....quick question, Im a member from the US...so DHZ is fairly expensive to buy from, but I did find a site from the US which have these OKO carbs forsale, only thing is its a predominantly 2stroke website...so im unsure as to does OKO make 4stroke / 2stroke carbs?....please help...
  2. Perthrider

    oko 26mm pilot circuit issues

    After installing a oko 26mm flatslide from dhz, my bike (dhz 140 outlaw ( the one with the zongshen)) is sluggish and usually bogs down and dies when accelerating to WOT off idle (top end is fantastic though, way to go oko :action-smiley-033: ). I have fiddled with the air mixture screw to the...