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  1. O

    70cc/90cc best choice under 1g

    I was close to getting the atomik then saw people saying they break easy, I see gmx 70cc from Australia, or the 90cc pitpro towards the pitpro. Are there any better options out there or is the pitpro the way to go? Thanks in advance
  2. roostyamates

    need help choosing second hand bike

    sorry to be that person but could i ask for some help choosing a pit bike as i have little experience and dont want to get ripped off. here are my options http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/launceston-7250/motorcycles/2013-dhz-125/1057296779 for $700...
  3. G

    Knee Slider Options?!

    Hey everyone, I am wanting to do some mini motard riding at Archerfield soon and am looking for options other than leathers for knee protection/sliding. Anyone know of any cheap knee sliders that I can wear over my kevlar jeans? Thanks.
  4. dynamicgs

    Fork Options?

    Hi All... Have an Atomik Nitrous Mid Size 160 (CRF70 STYLE) and after 3 months of fairly easy riding the forks are crapping themselves... Considering buying some aftermarket forks, but not sure which ones to go with.. Want to compile a list of the different forks that are popular, then I can go...