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  1. F

    Honda CRF 50 or DHZ Outlaw 150

    Ok so I know the DHZ will obviously be faster and the crf is more expensive I would be getting a second hand crf 50 (maybe 2013 and up model) and the DHZ would be brand new. Ive been told that the honda is better quality but the DHZ seems a much better deal and ive heard good reviews from them...
  2. F

    DHZ DPro 160 or DHZ Outlaw 150

    Hey guys im new here. Would be buying brand new just not sure which model is better. More looking for an opinion of the Dpro as i havent found any recent reviews on it. Thank you :) Also what would be the first Upgrades.
  3. L

    FS [NSW] DHZ outlaw 140

    ITEM AND CONDITION: DHZ outlaw 140 PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $350 REASON FOR SELLING: Doesn't get used, is gathering dust EXTRA INFO: Has been sitting unused for a year now, trying to pass it on to someone who will give it the time it deserves. A small thread on it here...
  4. L

    DHZ outlaw 160r

    Would the DHZ outlaw 160r be good for FMX jumping
  5. LJasonH

    LJasonH's DHZ Outlaw 160

    This isn't a very full on build, just some customising here and there to suit my liking. ;) Current mod list: D.I.D chain Pro taper fat bars (& bar clamp to suit) Pro taper grips Takegawa coil and splifire lead Dress up kit ASV copies Uni filter Started its life as a stock Outlaw lost in...
  6. Stubsy

    removing dhz outlaw rear brake pedal

    anyone tell me how to remove my dhz outlaw rear brake pedal? does it have a keeper bokt cause I cant see one.
  7. Chops

    Chops 160 outlaw

    So I thought I'd start a build thread, havent added or changed anything yet as its only 2 weeks old tomorrow and it just spent its first 1 and a 1/2 weeks getting ridden each day:cool: Love the bike, ran well not a problem with it and gave it two oil changes whilst away. I think the tappets...
  8. Q

    Dpro 140 and 160 swingarm bearings the same?

    Just as the title says, both our swingarm bearings are a bit tight. Have taken mine off (the 160) and will first try soaking them for a bit and cleaning them out, if that fails will be buying some more. May as well pick up both sets at the same time if they are the same size
  9. L

    Ben's Lifan 140 build

    I've been on here for a while now, thought I'd post up my second ride. My first was a new DHZ DPro 160, with OKO 26mm and pro tapers, wish I still had it, but onto bigger but not so much better things. My DHZ Outlaw 140. (Or so it was advertised) Lifan 140 OKO 26mm Fastace BS-35...