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  1. Carlts

    Keihin PE28 Jetting for GPX155z with Big Bore and V2

    He guys, I finally bought a Keihin PE28 to go on my 155z with a V2 head and big bore kit. I've had no luck with the OKO 26mm and OKO 30mm, so here's hoping. My main question is what jetting should I go for? I've seen plenty about jetting for the 190 anima, but then again that has...
  2. motovert24

    Daytona Anima 190cc 190FDX PE28 help

    trying to get my daytona anima to run with the pe28 but moved one of the jet height adjustment nuts getting it off and was hoping someone could take a photo of theirs for me so i can try get it back to normal? dont need it taken off just a sideways shot of the jet and bowl
  3. nickv1980

    Anima 150f valve adjustment

    After every ride i check adjust my valves and i always find the inlet valve clearance has tightened right up to zero i cant get any feller gauges in there but the exhaust valves barley ever need touching . Question : why would this keep happening every single time ? Ive got a special tool to...
  4. nickv1980

    Anima 150f Oil filters

    Has anyone got any clue what oil filter to run in the Anima 150f ?? Ive been changing the oil out every 3 to 4 hours ride time but i have no idea where to grab an oil filter from ... I asked Ken at DHZ not too long ago he told me they would be getting them soon but not soon enough for me , im...
  5. M

    Mr Tarded Mo presents Daytona Anima 150F

    Here you go gentlemen! Mr Tarded Mo presents Daytona Anima 150F - YouTube