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  1. C

    X rage py90 90cc to 110cc issues

    Hello or should I say G'day I have a Chinese 90cc 4 stroke mini that I am trying to upgrade to 110cc. I ordered a 110cc barrel and piston kit form china. Everything fits fine except the piston. At TDC the piston comes out of the cylinder by about 1-2mm. Also the piston itself has no valve...
  2. Jonte

    Tb v2 head with stock cylinder

    I finally found a tb v2 head from Finland and it cost only 65€ :afro: I have been thinking that i'm gonna buy stock cylinder, so do i need to modify the piston for the v2 head? Is there any differences between yx 150cc and yx 160cc cylinders and pistons?
  3. P

    high comp piston yx140

    Hi I have a question regarding the fitment of a high compression piston to an otherwise stock yx140 engine +( oko26 s38 m96 ) (outer rotor kit ooracing) This piston I bought from DHZ ( 56mm 13mm pin). can I fit the piston with no worries or is there anything else I should do? thanks in...
  4. Alex RidesYamaha

    SSR valve engine problems

    Hey everyone, I have an SSR 110 pit bike. the engine has been giving me troubles. It wont start and i inspected everything on the outside of the bike to see if i didnt have to take the engine off. nothing was wrong on the outside so i took the engine off and took off the head. the rings and...
  5. Snaptrax

    Snap's Lxr build.

    Alright so my bike is in need of a long awaited rebuild. When i started off the problems where as listed. Forks dead Rear linkage annihilated Two broken bolts in the base of my 190cc Paint chipping off the frame. Rear brake bent Rear brake bearings dead. Chain dead. Chain slider...
  6. J

    Loncin 125 questions!!

    I have what I think is a Loncin 125cc. It has a 52.4mm bore and a 13mm pin, I'm trying to find a place to get a 53mm piston or a 53.5mm. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  7. Y

    Piston rings ?

    First time on this site just need help with my 140 piston rings install need to know what ring goes first the DY ring or the D ring ?
  8. Rizzo97

    Cracked cylinder. Rebuild or Upgrade cylinder?

    Got a crack in my brothers lifan 1p54 125cc cylider that leaks oil, how did this happen? Overheating because of prolonged lean condition that over hardened the metal causing it to crack rather than bend or warp?? Just don't want the same thing to happen to my lifan.. Probably n the verge of...
  9. Hillz

    KLX 57mm big valve piston

    WANTED: 57mm KLX110 piston with the big valve cut outs CONDITION: NEW or USED in good con PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: $0 - 100 LOCATION: WA EXTRA INFORMATION: every thing is awesome! CONTACT: Emett
  10. Phil67

    Braaap - 201cc

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Braaap Classic - 201cc PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $1000 for Miniriders members, cash on pick up REASON FOR SELLING: Retiring EXTRA INFO: Braaap Classic 201cc - YX160 Crank, 67mm barrel and piston Manual Decomp lever Brand new 67mm barrel and...
  11. gottagetacheaperhobby

    should i buy this bike??

    found a tm 250 2 banger with the engine in bits for 650 bucks. The bloke reckons it needs a new crank and piston, and the bore only needs a hone. Do i buy?!?!?!?!?
  12. timeeh

    Jialing 125 upgrades

    Mornin peepholes, it's time for a new piston and rings in my sisters Vert Expert 125, as it's smoking more than that tree at the back of the college oval. Anyway what i would like to know is; 1)Who stock replacement piston and rings? (besides motovert aus) and/or what are the piston...
  13. GooseMan

    GasGas FSR515 2008

    Hey, some of you may know that I have got myself a new bike. I need some help trying to find parts, I have contacted the dealer and they can get parts for me but they are asking a lot of money for them. So does anyone know where to find parts for these, I need a piston kit, 2 base gaskets and a...
  14. R

    Yamaha GT80

    Not sure if I got the right area or not, apologies if I haven't. Wife finally convinced her parents to give us her old bike from when she was a kid. It's an old 1974 Yamaha GT80. Not running. Know there's a piston issue and one of the bolts holding the carby (I think{it's the part over the...
  15. rotn50

    155z v2 hi comp piston failure

    Sold my old 155z v2 headed motor and lasted all of 10 mins apparently, I was told by someone there when he installed it that he used any old filthy oil out of the drained oil drum and when it went bang at top end around 12000 rpm she grenaded, not the worst ive seen but none the less it caused...
  16. LEO DPRO 037

    155z top end rebuild

    My bikes been blowing heaps of smoke and by a process of elimination ive put it down to piston rings. Is it possible to change to a 165 big bore kit without changing the head? is this a good or bad idea? Ive spent days and hours reading tutorials on miniriders.com and it seems too easy to...
  17. J3NNINGS_024

    Dirtmax Quality

    hey guys, at the start of the year i bought a "Dirtmax 150cc Avenger version 2" for my perimeter build. As soon as i got the engine in the bike i dropped the shipping oil and put in castrol activ 4t and did the valves. I ran it in hard and serviced it when it needed to. so as you can see the...