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  1. Luke918273

    Anyone still into pit bikes/minis

    It seems throughout the years the scene has faded? Or is it just me? My new build at the moment
  2. F

    2018 KLX 110L Riding Videos!

    Hi guys, I uploaded a lot of riding videos to YouTube and I figured I would share them here. Thanks for checking it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CK_xsBFp-nQ
  3. S

    Re-Packed the video, it finally uploaded!

    Thought I recorded a bit more but didnt, so you get the 'not trying to annoy the neighbours run'.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Px8M9y5gCiE
  4. 8r3nd0

    NSW boys ride days.

    Ok so surely we have a few NSW guys and girls on here, question is do you guys want more ride days and race meets? I'm on the south coast so it's a good 7 to 8hr travel to any race meet in any direction. How far are you willing to travel and where are you at. I want to know that if I organized...
  5. 8r3nd0

    Sinister 50's

    Hey boys check out this up and coming mini brand on Facebook, give em a like and share the page while your at it.
  6. ThumpstarHQ

    Heaps of girls plus Minis, 50s & Pit Bikes?? Check this facebook page out : )

    Heaps of girls plus Minis, 50s & Pit Bikes?? Check this facebook page out : ) http://www.facebook.com/koarsebikersclub Anyone else got any pics like this?
  7. M

    New Motovert Stock Avaialble

    Hey Guys, We have plenty of current model Motovert's in stock now! Based on the popular TTR125 style platform, we are running three different configurations: Motovert 125cc. Motovert 140cc. Motovert 160cc. Refer to Motovert - Australia number 1 brand of performance mini bikes for...
  8. lanceburrows01

    When you buy a bike what do you look for?

    Ok im starting a pit bike brand which i wont name because this post is not about promoting it but I wont to know what would you want to see in a pit bike and what do you look for when buying a quality bike. what does it for you what components would the best pit bike have though it is all...
  9. A

    DHZ dpro 160 or DHZ outlaw 140

    i dont no what i should get. Is the the 160 worth the extra money, im fairly inexperinced so would the extra power be worth it for me. also where can i pick up a cheap trailer for the bike,how much should i pay for one?
  10. A

    Where can i ride a pit bike in Melbourne?

    I buying a pitbike but my dad will only agree if i have somewhere to ride it. Where are some tracks and do they allow pit bikes? Im new to the pit bikes so i guess that wouldnt be as good as anybody at the track, are they crowded i dont want to pressured kinda thing.. im a begginer so.. is...
  11. A

    DHZ or PITPRO...?

    i posted earlier on what people thought i should get for under 1000.. im now tossing up between a pitpro 125cc rr or a dhz dpro 125, then i saw that dhz outlaw 140 was only for a little more money, but its my first pitbike so i dont know if 140 is to much... cheers.
  12. A

    pit bikes for under $1000

    I new to pitbike so i'm not sure whats good and whats not. I was looking at maby getting a pitpro 125cc rr or motox 125, or maby a dhz but there a little more exspensive. hahaha well... its boxing day sales so i want to buy it soon, so i'm trying my luck with two threads cause as you can see...