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  1. R


    kickin my build of , I have actually already built it so is more of a build review!lol hopefully enjoy peeps!:)
  2. H

    Pitpro 125cc RR, are they any good?

    as the title says i'm wondering if they are an okay bike just for fun nothing to serious. As i am on a budget and just want to get back into riding, it will be on some pit bike tracks and some bush riding and nothing else, i know they wont be amazing as there so cheap but i just wont to know if...
  3. Carlts

    #SOLD# Pitpro 125 Bigfoot #SOLD#

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Pitpro 125cc Big foot PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE: $300 Cash on Pickup, Paypal REASON FOR SELLING: Building another bike, no need for 3 bikes :) EXTRA INFO: Been a great reliable bike, never failed a ride day, well maintained and starts first kick. An...
  4. J

    Pit Pro 125rr, rear shock and upgrade question

    Hi guys, Im new to this site and Chinese mini bikes, Would some one please be able to recommend a reasonable rear shock that's a reasonable price ? I'm thinking fast ace but I'm not sure what model would fit my bike, does any one know ? Also does this bike use crf50 plastics, seat, fuel cap...
  5. A

    DHZ or PITPRO...?

    i posted earlier on what people thought i should get for under 1000.. im now tossing up between a pitpro 125cc rr or a dhz dpro 125, then i saw that dhz outlaw 140 was only for a little more money, but its my first pitbike so i dont know if 140 is to much... cheers.
  6. Detz

    lifan 140 questions.

    Ok this is my first post so ill start with hows everyone goin?, im new to mini's and just got one, so i have a few questions to ask. Today i got a bike off a guy, seems to be a pitpro 140, got it cheap cos its got a few problems, sussed the parts on dhz and was happy to buy the bike and pay...
  7. sam93

    Well done Motorbike City!!

    Would just like to thank Dom at motorbike city for his great customer service. I wen't in today to buy a big bore pipe he had great customer service got one of his staff to help me get the bike out of the tiny hyundai i30, and helped me find the correct pipe to suit my YX also gave me some great...