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  1. UrbanRockWell

    Hi! New POSTIE BIKE owner and member!

    Hey there all, love all the inspiring joy riders and your joy rides, I myself finally got a hold of a 1981 Honda ct110 , it’s got a Lifan 125 engine on it, an amazing motor enthusiastturned small engine mechanic helped me get her back on the wheels and now I’m wrapping the exhaust which did...
  2. UrbanRockWell

    Just got a Postie! 1981 Honda Ct110 Lifan 124cm

    Thanks all and anyone in advance for helping in anyway get some joy from this 1981 ct110 with a Lifan 125 engine I don’t know much about, YET! , and it’s not starting, I hear compression coming out the carbs and it seems super clean, it WAS missing flywheel flange hex nut, SO FLYWHEEL COULDNT...
  3. C

    yx150 stator issues. postie.

    Ok so ive been building a postie bike for a little while now and i have installed a yx150 engine from a ciniworx 150. Install went well everything ran just fine, but the engine didnt have a charging/lighting circuit. So i bought what i thought was the appropriate magnito/stator off ebay. When i...
  4. Hilli32

    Hilli's Postie bike build

    G'day all Thought I would share my postie bike build on here. It's going to be pretty slow as it doesnt need to be ready until July and my only income is washing dishes on weekends! The bike is an 08 which is tidy under the surface but the last owner neglected it abit. It seemed every...
  5. F

    5speed engine?

    Hey guys, In the process of building a postie bike as a weekend parts runner. Just wondering if any company's are making a 5 speed pit bike engine? The plan is to swap out the motor for a 160 or even a 190. The problem is, I rode a friends postie with a 140 which was great fun, but it was...
  6. my67xr

    Tea Tree Gully MX club Championship round 5 racing, Sunday Oct 19th

    Round 5 of the TTGMX Club Championship Series (and final race for the Club for 2014) is being held on Sunday, 19 October 2014. Due to low numbers over the past couple of rounds, the Trailriders Class will not be run at this event. This class is being substituted with an Apex Postie Bike...
  7. LJasonH

    What did the postie bring you...?

    Inspired by the UK Baja forum...what did the postie bring you today? :cheer2: Got some Taper bars from Torpedo7, and they threw in tyre levers (no more screwdrivers for me!).
  8. ClassicHonda50

    Australian Postie Bike Grand Prix

    Keep an eye out for the Australian Postie Bike Grand Prix that will be held in Cessnock later this year, will post more info as it comes available, flyers will be ready soon. Here is a link to the events Facebook Page: Cheers Jaimie
  9. timeeh

    FOTM May/Jun 2014

    FIFTY OF THE MONTH May/Jun 2014 So Let's Get It Underway! Vote Now For Your Favorite FOTM For May/Jun 2014 Miniriders Admin and Mod Team Wish The Best Of Luck To All The Entrants <div style="background:rgb(20,20,20);min-height: 300px;width: 760px;padding: 10px;text-align...
  10. my67xr

    Fifty of the Year - 2013

    * FOTY 2013 * Fifty of the Year It's that time of the year again guys and girls there's been so many high quality builds It's sure going to be a close one. choose from Japanese or Chinese, Bling or Grunt, CRF, KLX, LXR/TTR, Mini or Mid Size due to there being only 4 bikes, we...
  11. rumble

    New Australia post bikes 110cc EFI

    Ive got a '74 cub c90, so saw a postie on the new bike and asked if it was a 90cc, replied back it was 110cc with efi. australia-post-bids-farewell-to-the-humble-postie-bike
  12. S

    Postie engine upgrade registration- 110 to a 140

    Hey everyone, Have noticed loads of you guys have done the lifan 140cc swap. Any issues getting it rego'd? From what I know i would have to get the engineers certificate. Has this been a problem for anyone? Cheers, Steph
  13. rotn50

    Postie skid to kill a postie.

    Watch kev the clown try and kill his postie, she does not sound to flash at all and turns the bike off as soon as he finishes, couldn't even put a fan on it the fool lol.
  14. Carlts

    Fifty of the Year - 2012

    <div style="float:left; margin-left:15px;color:#B50203;font-weight:900;font-size: 18px; padding:5px 0px 40px 0px; ">" Once again its time for the annual fifty competition... China or Jap? midsize or mini? what will it be this year? ...get your votes in peeps! "</div> <div style="...
  15. M

    Reverse super-postie!?!

    Hi! I recently was fortunate enough to come into a free 110 postie engine from my legend of a cousin as a byproduct of his 125 super-postie engine swap. Thanks again mate! It's just the crankcase and head all intact and working, minus 'everything else'. It's complete bar the carb and sprocket...
  16. MiniFighter

    Fifty Of The Year 2010

    Hi Guy's And Girl's With 2010 fast coming to an end, its time we had another look at each months winners and decide on a Fifty Of The Year! I have also added few extras from the tail end of last year due to there not being a FOTY since 2008. The winner will not only have bragging rights...
  17. N

    Should i register my ct110? or sell?

    Hey all! I have been pondering on this one for YEARS!!! and i cant make up my mind! we have had this postie bike for the last few years just sitting around, only being used for fun and games. everything is fine on it, lights work, chain n sprockets are good, its maintained well.. but i...