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  1. china911

    dhz 110 lowering rear

    one of the kids has out grown the pw 50 and l want to put them on the dhz. Still a little tall. It currently runs a 280 mm length . lm looking at something cheap and 240mm. or less if they exist. Cheap means no rebound adjust. DHZ has a DNM 240 with rebound for $90 odd dollars. Are they...
  2. LJasonH

    Suspension Setup Tips

    More tweaking to come... so does anyone have any suspension setup tips for an Outlaw 160 (the GPX and Black Label setup). Are the settings for sag, compression and rebound just as they are for a larger bike (I didn't find anything in my searches)?
  3. KnoxJager23

    stock shock rebound adjustment

    Hi all out there. I own a 2013 TDR Pro 125 and i know how to adjust the preload and sag with the two rings near the top. I am completely clueless how to adjust the rebound because there is no screw except for the tyre valve underneath the nitrogen reservoir. From all previous forums it seems...


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  5. dynamicgs

    Atomik Nitrous Forks Slow Rebound

    Hi All.. stocker forks on my atomik nitrous 160 midsize seem to have crapped themselves.. when you push them down they take almost 3 seconds to get back to the top... I was thinking of replacing the oil, but a little hesitant cause I dont know what IM doing.. Has anyone done this or seen a...