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  1. xLOCOx

    Loco's Ciniworx cxf build....

    Hey guys and girls... I would like to say a massive thanks to coolmoddee for bringing the bike up!!!! Now... To inspect this rig...... I've already take the old chain off.. And the old kill switch.. Here's the new kill switch... Its a billet RHK one...
  2. H

    Build/Restoration of my crf50.

    hey, so this is my build post, its a on going process and got a fair bita work to do, the bike was originally a 2006 crf50 ( at one stage of its life ) they was heavily modded, then was sold onto someone else who well for better lack of works didnt treat it quite well.. so i bought it back and...
  3. GooseMan

    Mighty RV90 Resto

    Just doin a quick recondition of my rv90. I need a rear mud guard, anybody know where I can get one? Hers some pics And a current pic of where its at hanging from my new best freind:beerchug:
  4. my67xr

    my latest buy, 2x Yamaha Chappy 80cc 2 strokes, and build/modify thread

    hey gents and femmes, some of you may have seen pics of my 1984 Yamaha IT200L, well, keeping true to the Yamaha man i am, i have added 2 more bikes to my collection. im into things that are slightly different than most people, and modifying, i just cant help myself....:b_grind: i kind of...