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    Apollo (2017) rfz db x18 Carburetor

    I have an Apollo rfz that I bought used and I am having bogging issues that don't happen super often but it is annoying and I wan't to fix them. I have ridden it for one summer with only slight issues, and now getting out of winter even after letting it warm up on idle outside for an outrageous...
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    High Performance CDI for Apollo RFZ X18???

    I just bought a brand new Apollo RFZ X18 and I've done a lot of research on things to check/replace before riding. One thing I noticed was that most people that install a Mikuni carb also upgrade their CDI. My issue is that my bike's wiring harness that plugs into the CDI has only 5 wires, 2...
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    Help with Apollo RFZ 125!!!

    Hello! I have an Apollo rfz 125 that I recently purchased brand new. I went through and changed all fluids, spark plug, cleaned carb, and tightened every single freaking bolt. I am having issues with torque, I did a top speed test and I hit like 56-58mph each time. I want to pull wheelies in...