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  1. my67xr

    South Coast MX club SA are closing December 31st 2014.

    South Coast MX club SA, are closing down their Quarry Road MX track. this was posted on Facebook tonight at 5.30pm- Dear SCMX Members, It has been brought to our attention that the land on Quarry Road has been recently sold. Our committee has been advised by the new pending owners of...
  2. Z

    1978 Honda Z50j - Road to Rego

    Hey Guys and Girls, I have had this Honda Z50j for a couple of years now, and have recently decided that its time to fully restore her. I have plans to also get her on the road. Been busy making parts lists and contacting sandblasters/powdercoaters and metalplaters. Wasnt running when i got...
  3. stumbows

    Mini Motard in Wollongong

    On the weekend Saturday 17th August I heard there was going to be a round of a mini motard series being held at Wollongong City Raceway, so I went over to check it out to find there was one race with pocket bikes and not a single mini motard to be seen in sight! I'm about to complete a motard...