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  1. J

    DS80 Crank Seal Question

    Hey guys. I picked up a 97 DS80 a couple months ago. It was in rough shape. Had obvious signs of clutch side crank seal leakage. This bike is for my daughter. Trying to get her onto riding like I did. I went ahead and replaced every seal, bearing, gasket, etc since I was splitting the case...
  2. jimbo jones

    Atomik 125 crank sprocket oil seal

    My Atomik 125 crank sprocket oil seal is leaking it's not a big deal to change but I can be stuffed if I can find one for sale on eBay or net anywhere. So where do you guys buy your seals from?
  3. T

    What is the spiral black piece in the exhaust port for?

    I took my exhaust off and saw something hanging out of t. I pulled on it a little bit and saw it was a spiral black thing lining the walls of the port. I dont know if it is restricting anything or not but does have to be there? And what is it?
  4. tommyh

    Fork Seal Help???

    Hey All, Was out with Carlts at Qld Moto Park on saturday, hit some jumps on the mx track, and finally managed to pop out a fork seal... Could someone help me please through the steps in fixing this dilemma? Does it consist of simply putting the existing fork seal back in, or buying a...