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  1. motorman

    WTB: LXR rear brake resevoir

    WANTED: LXR Rear Brake Resevoir CONDITION: Good working condition. PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: Name your price. LOCATION: Melbourne. Will pay for postage. EXTRA INFORMATION: My old one is cactus. Seals are gone. Will take 2 at the right price so I have a backup. CONTACT: pm me here or...
  2. Y

    yx150 valve guides an seals

    Hey im after new valve guides an seals to suit the klx style head ive herd honda 400ex guides but what seals can I use ?
  3. B

    Yamaha banshee crank

    Heyy everyone I have a Yamaha banshee 350 twin 2 stroke quad bike and recently the crank bearings have stuffed up anyways I haven't been able to find anywhere around Brisbane that splits the banshee crank because the crank has 2 conrods on the crank. Has anyone else from around Brisbane ever...
  4. C

    Fastace shock service BFA01AR / BS35AR

    G'day, got all the new seals (Elstar Products - supplier of Petrol Motorbikes(pit Bikes) 50-125cc, ATVs (Quad bikes), dirt bikes and Fast Fifties, an agent for Apollo and Orion motorbikes. Elstar provides after-sale service and supplies high-quality after-market parts of the foll - only place I...
  5. dunny29er

    DPRO 140 forks

    ok so i needed to change the fork seals in my dhz dpro 140s forks anyway the right side was great but when i went to do the left side i snapped a plastic ring that sits above the oil seal, DHZ don't seem to have them so my question is does anyone know what im talking about if so where can i...