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  1. James.

    Selling 125 Provert

    ITEM AND CONDITION: 125cc Provert Pit Bike, good condition. Gets alot of work done after every ride (oil changes, carby cleans, fuel lines replaced etc etc) -Provert Frame -T4 Pro circuit -12/14 wheels -Braaap fairings -Fast Ace shocker -Protaper Bars -Progrip grips -ASV levers...
  2. D

    would like peoples opinions on this bike

    wondering what peoples thoughts would be on the pitster pro 50cc XJR as im looking at maybe buying this from a guy who is selling a brand new one from my area for $300,wondering what i would need for this so i can jump trails ect! on
  3. D

    125cc pit bike for $250!

    ITEM: 125cc pit bike CONDITION: - Not starting and may be due to a blocked pilot jet/pilot circuit in carby - Missing header pipe for exaust - Bike is not in it's best condition but with a good clean and after fixing the carby it's a great bike REASON FOR SELLING: Don't have the...
  4. kosta

    2007 Motovert Pro YX160 Elka LXR Wheels

    ITEM AND CONDITION: Hey guys, selling a 2007 Motovert Pro, running a YX160 with tb piston. Has an Elka rear shock (worth over $400 new), fully adjustable forks (compression/rebound) and Pro Taper bars. Also has near new Pitsterpro LXR wheels. PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS OF SALE...
  5. bulldog93

    Jet size for CRF50

    Hey guys long time no talk. Just wondering what the jet size should be for a stock 50 carb? If any ones selling them or has a free set around the hunter valley region that'd be awesome too. Cheers.
  6. S

    Awesome parts for sale at bargain prices!

    TEM, CONDITION AND PRICE: 1. Marzocchi Shiver 35mm revalved and set up by FEAL in the USA for a 75 - 80kg rider. The best money can buy, selling them half price. They are in excellent condition. $600 2. GPX Black Label forks. Only used a couple of times, come with brand new unused triple...
  7. TomaszBurcon


    Items 1.ishock SOLD racing graphics/plastics SOLD 3.crf50 red baron tall seat with coverSOLD 4.35 tooth sprocket SOLD 5.crf50 fuel tank with cap taper crf mx bars SOLD baron mx bars SOLD 8.crf stock throttle with cableSOLD 9.stock crf50 brake pedal 10.crf50 replica frame...