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  1. C

    yz85 mini supermoto suspension/spring rates

    Hey all. my first post. hoping to pick your brains about my mini. been racing it for a while on the stock stuff. ready to improve things a little. Anyone know how to find a good spring rate for my 85? i use it for mini roadracing on cart tracks and have no idea where to start as far as...
  2. Stubsy

    Rear shock spring rate

    Just wondering what everyone is running? My LXR has a dnm shock with a 350lb spring but I don't like how far its sits down the rear. All my old bikes had 1000lb springs and my dhz outlaw sits a lot higher. Whats everyone running and can you tell me where to get a replacement???
  3. M

    Chinese quad and Jing Ke carb

    I've been working on my neighbours quad that has no markings on it at all. I did find that the carb is a Jing Ke. But when I took the quad off, the spring for the choke went flying. Now I can't figure out where the spring goes. Can someone help me out?
  4. T

    kickstarter problems

    Brand new to forum and I need some hints or advice. Bike ran beautifully yesterday only to start it today did a few kicks then it sounded like it grabbed inside. Locked the bike in gear even with clutch pulled in tried to kick it and it wouldn't budge. Moved the bike around a bit which knocked...
  5. Q

    How do the heck does the rear caliper metal plate sit?

    Specifically for the type of caliper which takes these type of pads http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/261320227581?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 I can't seem to make the gold plate thingy sit properly. It always seems to get in the way of one or both of the brake pads. One of the...
  6. the50king

    DHZ 125 shock/spring

    Hi Ive recently bought a dhz125 off there site. i weigh bout 80- 85kg and i reckon the back shocks a bit soft for my likings, i saw on there site they have a 1000lbs fastace spring on there but dont know wether its going to fit my GPX shock, anyone have any info?? thanks guys Heres a couple...