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  1. J

    Using 2 stroke for pit bike racing?

    Hey guys, I'm a 2 stroke fan looking into pit bike racing at my local track (fort lytton, Brisbane) and wondering if you are allowed to race two strokes? I'm thinking a ktm 65 sx. I only weigh 60kg's so i'm a light dude. My other option is a pitster pro lxr 155 if I go for the 4 stroke. cheers
  2. Snaptrax

    Snaptrax's 05 Yz250 Smoker

    Hey guys I was going to post a thread about my new bike when i got it. But after thinking about it i have no idea how to ride a 2 stroke so i decided against that idea. Anyway this is my new bike(This is the closest thing to a girlfriend il get) a 2005 Yz250. You would never think that it is...
  3. Rizzo97

    2 Stoke v.s 4 Stroke !

    Hey everyone! Just wondering pros and cons of 2strokes compared to 4's matenince wise? Always liked the snappy power of 2 strokes.. But it sounds to me like they are a pain to look after/ keep on top of compared to 4 strokes? Plus I hate mixing fule haha I've also heard that 2 stokes are a bit...
  4. my67xr

    Jianshe Coyote PY80 build, china PW80 copy

    here is a rusty Jianshe Coyote PY80 i have just picked up it is a china copy of the world famous Yamaha PW80. i bought this one cheap, paid $110 for it as is it has been sitting outside on someones verandah for the last few years, and has developed a Tin Worm infection (surface rust) i...
  5. Carlts

    Does a GPX Head fit on a yx160

    Hey guys, I am looking at buying a yx160 for my bro's build, and also looking at the possibilities of rebuilding it in the future with the spares I have. So in effect my question is: Will a GPX 155z/160ho Head, Cylinder & Piston, fit on a yx160 bottom end? If not, what would I have...
  6. grnman

    KTM 85cc Motard build

    I thought id start a build thread of a KTM 85cc motard project im doing. i have been doing alot of research on it so i thought that this maybe helpful to those also who are thinking about doing it. Firstly, i chose the KTM over all the other 2-strokes as it has a powervalve, direct link...