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  1. rotn50

    Terra Moto Dress up parts

    SOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDITEM AND CONDITION: Terra Moto valve covers, dipstick and head heat sync. Items are used and faded and would be embarrassing if i thought anybody would pay for these, so am giving away and you pay postage(cylinder head is not included) PRICE, PAYMENT METHODS...
  2. Tryggvi

    Possible electric start?

    Hi, i mostly watch threads instead of making them so i might do something wrong anyway i have a 125cc terra moto krusha and it has a starting motor and all the wires but not a battery i was wondering if it's just that simple that i need to buy a battery but just to be sure i took some pictures...
  3. Tryggvi

    Carby Leaking Gas :(

    Carby Leaking Fuel :( Hello, I´m new here and new to mini's. I just bought a Terra Moto Krusha 125 off my friend and i bought it cause i rode it before i bought it and i loved it and it worked really well. After i got it i had it for a couple of weeks and it worked fine but then just last week...