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  1. S

    Trailer project

    I am designing and building a trailer that would get towed behind a Pit Bike for my school A-Level design and technology project and it would be very helpful if you would be able to answer a few questions to help me with my research. It will be a small utility trailer that is able to be pulled...
  2. ScottWADZ

    *Trailer Build*

    Hey everyone and welcome to my Trailer Build Thread, I decided to get back into Mini Bike's/Thumpers whatever you want to call them so decided to purchase myself a trailer to carry around the bikes, so here will be my updated log of my trailer build from start to finish. ^ As you can...
  3. A

    DHZ dpro 160 or DHZ outlaw 140

    i dont no what i should get. Is the the 160 worth the extra money, im fairly inexperinced so would the extra power be worth it for me. also where can i pick up a cheap trailer for the bike,how much should i pay for one?