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  1. C

    X rage py90 90cc to 110cc issues

    Hello or should I say G'day I have a Chinese 90cc 4 stroke mini that I am trying to upgrade to 110cc. I ordered a 110cc barrel and piston kit form china. Everything fits fine except the piston. At TDC the piston comes out of the cylinder by about 1-2mm. Also the piston itself has no valve...
  2. china911

    daytona 190 valve clearance

    valves need adjusting on the 190 current inspection .0003 in -.004 ex what are you guys running .005 in - .007 ex or .005 in .005 ex ?
  3. N

    Valve adjustment on pit bike

    Anyone know what happened? bikes 3weeks old brand new.. done valve clearences tonight with all these 006 004 003 005 003 004 003 002 004 0025 and it wont fire up at all.. (apollo adr125).. anyone know what i could try? the bike was running fine before this too and i done a new oil change...
  4. china911

    lifan 125 1p54 pre installallation check

    l went over a brand new engine today before l install into frame . This is what l found - 500ml of oil in sump - bolts on valve covers over tightened ( one broke on removal ) - valve clearance inlet .001 - valve clearance exhaust .001 - cam inspection cover bolt (loose) - bolts on...
  5. Hillz

    KLX 57mm big valve piston

    WANTED: 57mm KLX110 piston with the big valve cut outs CONDITION: NEW or USED in good con PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: $0 - 100 LOCATION: WA EXTRA INFORMATION: every thing is awesome! CONTACT: Emett
  6. Johnny_Boi85

    Valve Clearence

    Hi all sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place or if there is a post that I couldn't find with this info im after but im looking for what my valve clearence should be in my Mid size 150cc Atomik Nitrous. I Emailed atomik awhile back asking for the clearence and they said 0.003 and 0.007...
  7. Y

    yx150 valve guides an seals

    Hey im after new valve guides an seals to suit the klx style head ive herd honda 400ex guides but what seals can I use ?
  8. Rizzo97

    Timing mark on flywheel won't stay on TDC just gose to the 'F' pit bike, lifan engine

    Hey Everyone. Been getting some good info and whatnot from this site so thought it was about time I singed up :action-smiley-003: anyway.. Tittle pretty much says it, when I try put the engine on TDC I can't get the T mark to stay on the marking on the crankcase, it sits on the F fine though. So...
  9. D

    Adjusting valve clearances

    So I just finished adjusting the valve clearances using the guide on this website was pretty straight forward, just wanted to know was I supposed to drain the oil before I opened the cover for the exhaust valve cause when I open it oil proceeded to leak everywhere. Is this normal or not? Looks...
  10. D

    yx140 cam issues, anti kickback

    I just put a head back on my engine after I have reseated the valves and put in new piston and rings after a quick hone of the bore. Put it all back together and I have 0 compression. There is no leaks through new head gasket and head bolts are tight. So what is it? My thoughts are on the...
  11. S

    Correct valve clearance gaps on a lifan 150?

    What sized feeler guages do I use for intake and exhaust on the 150 lifan motor?
  12. D

    Is this cylinder wall okay?

    Hi guys, I think this is in the right section, please excuse if it's not. I'm still learning the ropes and I wasn't sure if this amount of scoring is something to be worried about? I'm kinda getting the worst of it in these pics, everywhere else seems quite nice in comparison. the crap...
  13. J

    PitPro SX 250 engine rattle (valve chatter?)

    Hey guys i need some help figuring out a problem with my bike. I have linked a video showing these noises. It has done this since we got the bike and it hasn't been ridden for a while but its getting really annoying and it doesn't sound right. I think it may be valve chatter, but i don't know...
  14. Reight

    Rockers very clicky/noisy

    Hi guys, maybe someone can shed some light my problem, i'm replacing my Pitster Pro z160HO with a new one, i figured while i was at it i'd throw in a 64mm TB barrel and piston. So the starting point of this adventure is 1: Virgin engine, fresh outta the box, no running in at all. 2: TB...