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  1. B

    WTB Stock Size Carby for crf/xr50 - Must be Japanese...

    HI, Chasing a stock size carby preferably Keihin, must be in good working order and fairly priced. Thanks...
  2. M

    drive train slop / lag

    I have about two second delay between when engine revs and xr50 picks up and goes when I throttle up . also jerks when throttling down. It's an 03 xr50 stock motor. Just replaced clutch plates and put bbr springs. Clutch is adjusted properly and broken in. Carb is adjusted properly. Anyone...
  3. Fiddy Rider

    For sale: 2000 Honda XR50

    Sold, please delete.
  4. tormentandglory

    WTB - CRF/XR/Z50 top end, head, cylinder, piston, etc...

    WANTED: later model genuine Honda 50cc top end parts CONDITION: New or used, as long as they're good enough to run PREFERRED PRICE RANGE: depends on condition... LOCATION: I'm in melbourne, southern suburbs EXTRA INFORMATION: I'm working on my next project, a 5 speed v-twin z50...
  5. J

    Street tire ona stock swing arm

    Hello. I've been looking into getting a rear street tire for my crf50. Three inch. A lot of the sites say that there made for after market swing arms only? I wana run one but not a pizza cutter. Was wondering if anybody could help me. thanks....
  6. PITXR

    XR 50 / 110 Lifan build

    hey guys i thought i would put up some pics of my new project a XR 50 2001 . so far i have bought : - lifan 110 motor - sik50s bar clamp - pro taper bars - Metal Mulisha sticker kit...
  7. PITXR

    Lifan 110 - What do you think?

    hey guys just another question (couldnt find much in the search) as my other thread said im thinking of 88 bore kit or 110 motor swap. my question now is wat are the lifan 110 engines like? are they reliable ? i know there fairly cheap but i want something pretty reliable so i dont mind spending...
  8. PITXR

    XR 50 / 88 bore kit or 110 engine swap?

    hey guys i got myself a 2001 XR 50 stocker. i have put a sik50s clamp and pro taper bars on it to start with . im just wondering wat would be the best option go with a 88 big bore kit or just swap the motor for a 110? any help would be good cheers.