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  1. Babitzin

    Ycf125cc needs more power?!

    Hey guys! I got an engine from a ycf pilot 125cc and im going to put it on my 110cc atv, but i would like to get some more power out of it. It doesnt have a stator at the moment so i have to buy a new one. Would an inner rotor kit something?
  2. Z

    Motovert RX155 Minimotard

    My Motovert RX125 with 155z motor. Registered with the motor and capacity listed. Old member Android90's old bike. OKO 26mm 36/102 top clip, air screw 1.5 turns, port matched. 17/37 gearing. Pitster Pro X4 swingarm (looking for a new one if anyone has a link to buy one other than the one from...
  3. GreefClothing

    GREEF - MINI X CUP 2016

    UPDATE: Dacebook event page is now live - Mini X Cup 2016 | Facebook Hey all, As some of you know, we have been planning a minicross event and we are getting closer to pulling it off! Just some minor paper work then we'll lock in the dates and start promoting. We have secured an amazing 20...
  4. S

    Motovert VS YCF

    Price range between $1300-$1600AUD reliability factor mostly just say the brand/bike/price(within budget)(WITHOUT mods) or any other bike that is better than them with the price range i have. dont really want to go down to 125cc, non biased opinions please. cheers lads