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  1. motorman

    Victorian Mini MX Championships 2015

    Well some of the rounds have come out for this year. Looks like it may be a 7 round series this year which is great. For the first time Miniriders will be running a team along with sponsoring the B Grade. Team members are: Chris Bedford - A Grade Zach - B Grade Dylan Hooper - B Grade...
  2. ringo

    Round 1 SupermotoWA Mini-Motard Club Championships Feb 15th

    The first round of the season is here! Who is going to be the champions this year? A lot of new rides in all classes should see the fields be a lot bigger this year. So bring ya chairs and get ready for some fast, exciting live action! Entry: FREE When: Sunday, 15th February 2015 Where...
  3. Cordogs

    FOTM Jan 2015 Sign on page

    Ok Guys and Girls, a new year and a new FOTM comp. A little run down for our new members! This is Miniriders monthly "Show and Shine" competition were you get to post up a few pics of your pride and joy along with its mods list and put it up against 9 other competitors to secure your chance...
  4. motorman

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

    On behalf of all the site sponsors and mods we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 2014 has been a massive year for minis and we have seen a resurgence in the scene especially with racing which is brilliant to see!! Stay safe over the break and look forward...
  5. McDo

    "The Decision"

    I really had my mind set on buying a DHZ , mid year or end of the year, but my mates at school, who know a lot about motorbikes, are telling me that they are pointless to buy? I need to know the details of what pit bikes really are, should i save up and buy a good Honda? Or should i spend my...
  6. Carlts

    FOTM March-April 2012

    Okay guys, Chuck your entries up for the first FOTM of 2012, we are trialling something different, so there will be a minimum of 5 bikes and a max of 10 so get in quick. Entries close this Sunday @ 12:00pm (18/03/12) Good luck lads, Carlton