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  1. S

    Suzuki DS80 electrical help!

    In my younger years I had a ds80 given to me for free. Somehow over the years it found its way to the back of the barn. Now pulling it out and doing a full rebuild to find all the wiring torn up to the point I cut everything off. So form is there a plug and play cdi wire harness you can buy...
  2. motorman

    Motormans CRF450R

    Well it's about time I finally stepped up and got a 450. I must say I am absolutely loving it!! Bikes have come a long way in 10 years. haha This was an absolute bargain and is pimped out. 2014 model with 42 hours on it. Twin Yoshi awesomeness :)
  3. motorman

    Expressions of Interest - A Grade Rider for VCM

    Looking for an A grade rider to sponsor for this years VCM and other events around AUS. If you know of or are interested in finding out more then send me a PM. I already have 2 B grade riders, I just need an A grader. I will fill everyone in on the Race team I'm setting up to...
  4. Z

    1978 Honda Z50j - Road to Rego

    Hey Guys and Girls, I have had this Honda Z50j for a couple of years now, and have recently decided that its time to fully restore her. I have plans to also get her on the road. Been busy making parts lists and contacting sandblasters/powdercoaters and metalplaters. Wasnt running when i got...
  5. Carlts

    Miniriders Evolution

    Hey guys, Just thought I'd share with you the evolution of miniriders over the past few years.... enjoy October 16 - 2006 December 30 - 2006 June 22 - 2007 February 25 - 2008 December 18 - 2008 June 1 - 2009 Thanks for looking Guys, and a big...