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  1. mudskipper

    re-assembling cases. help

    So a good few months ago, my bike was not dropping into second gear and had to skip to third. Finally it jammed in 2nd and there goes my bike. Troy at Rocko said too expensive to fix. I have fitted both new gear shafts(damaged) with original kick start, clutch plates, piston. everything...
  2. The_GDFP

    Cheap mods that really work thread?

    I'll go first:) When you turn the manifold around on a KLX and chop the starter boss off, you need a shorter tensioner. I use the YX/Z ones. If you are SURE you are smarter than a spring-loaded plunger, and nearly as diligent, you can either buy a $100 "billet" adjustable one, or spend 5...