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Mrk Miller

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Sep 11, 2016
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Good day to all
So eventually i we got my sons pit bike running 125 cc, not sure of the make. At the time of buying it was called a crusty racing. The problem began with adjusting the valves, and i apparently did not secure the lock nut on the one rocker, which in time came loose, and jammed in the valves. Opened her up and found no apparent damage. Did replace the rings, without doing much research on the subject, and thus i reckon i was given the wrong size, because the bike was like a steam train once we got it started. Checked the rings with a chum of mine and he pointed out that the 5mm ring gap was very much not correct. Contact the supplier and sure it was wrong size as it was for a standard enjin 110 cc i think they said, Barrel was taken with and measured to 54mm and the correct oversize for a 125cc was given, so that problem was sorted but the bike did not want to rev up. So the chum was called again. Then it was found that when the nut jammed the timing sprocket moved on the cam, so the timing marks did not work, and new timing marks had to be made. That was sorted although maybe not 100%, but darn close. Bike running really well now. Eben riding obstacles in the yard at the moment, building his confidence after he had a pretty bad spill late last year, at a track nearby. Nothing broken but the ego. So busy building that up at the moment. Looking to take him back to the same track in the week. Very proud of him @11 he was part of the rebuild all the way. Does anyone know if there are 16" front wheels avalible for these bikesVID_20200521_140246_Moment(2).jpg VID_20200521_140246_Moment.jpg

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