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Nov 19, 2011
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New to this site just have a couple questions. I recently picked up a 1978 RM50 for free which was awesome, and it has already been a fun project but I'm having a few problems here. The rear shocks (suspension) need to be replaced pretty bad, they would work I guess, but I took them off the other night because I was gutting the bike completely to sand blast the frame and paint it, but I noticed that the coils or springs whatever you may call them, were not all one piece. I took them off and looks as if the previous owner had added some extra spring to it to lift it up a little bit I guess, but the thing is, is they don't even fit up to the full size springs that are already on there if that makes any sense, like you can tell they aren't supposed to be on there, or if they are, it doesn't make any sense. I will gladly take pictures of what I'm talking about if it's needed. I just need some help to know if I should replace them, or what can I do to make them work because the springs or coils do not fit flush with the actual shock itself. If I can't do anything, what other suspension can I mount on there that will fit without me having to replace the swing arm. Or where can I find a different set of rear shocks for a decent price. I have checked ebay can't find them there, and I have searched the internet. Also, the rear sprocket is bent just a little bit, how can I straiten that out without ruining it. I don't have the rear or front mud guard or fenders whatever you want to call them, I'm not to worried about those as to I'm not doing a full restoration on it right now, just want to get it going and ride it around before I tear it back down and restore it to showroom quality. Any information on that will be appreciated!!! Thanks, Bryce.


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Feb 5, 2010
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Flint, MI, USA
Exact-fit shocks will be tough. I'm guessing you'll end up with a universal set or some thing from a similar model. My trusty nineteen-eighty-one S&W catalog shows the Z50 and Yam MX80/100 as crossing with the littlest Rev ta the Moon. Bound to be a heap of suitable cheapies.

Good luck on the project. Pics?

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