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Jan 2, 2011
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SW Sydney
I bought two of these direct from Ken at Villawood. Paid for Casey to put them together for me & my son (plus a 50cc bike for my other son).

Collection: all three bikes were ready when they said they would be. All ready to go. Ken did a good deal.

Engine: having previously ridden the DPro 125 (that was stolen) I was really surprised how much more power the 140 has. After running in, the engine loosened up heaps and started to spin much free-er. Mine starts 2nd/3rd kick with half choke, my sons takes 4-5 kicks. Have wound up the tick over to higher than pre-set. No idea how many RPM. Seems to breathe well.

Handling: back shock was on its lowest pre load so the back wheel behaves well on runs and berms but is too soft for jumps, so I cranked mine up. We left my son's on the factory setting and swapped bikes to tell the difference. Front is typically twitchy for a 14" wheel but easy to get used to. Front suspension seems fine out of the factory.

Gearbox: Apart from being a 4-up, the gear box is pretty good. 1st is a short gear and the ratios are all pretty close. Easy to go all up and 4-3-2 with no clutch. We've done some tricky mini-enduro trails around the Appin track and these bikes eat is up. Easy climbs up rock and dirt walls. Feather the clutch and all is good.

Exhaust: my son's silencer blew out after only about 2 hours. The inner tubular grill had snapped at the engine end of the silencer and as this hold the guts in, bam - out it came. Fixed easy engough, but a sign of not such good materials. Will eventually replace with a twin system. Funnily enough his bike seems to outpace mine now - and as they are idenditical, must be my exhaust "fix".

Brakes: good feel, responsive, more than enough power. Stoppies are too easy. Back will lock up with not much trouble.

Other stuff: standard grips are okay, but have replaced with Pro Taper's. Seat is hard. Quality of things like 'pegs is great. Most bolts were factory tight when we first got the bikes. Foot peg mount seems to be the ones that loose off the most. Retighten after each ride. Have drilled the levers about 1 inch in from the end. After a stack I was glad to see that my brake lever snapped at the hole, not further up.

As before the guys at DHZ were excellent to deal with. It's good to know that there's real people into bikes there, not just a warehouse with a doofus pushing boxes.

Summary: the DPro 140 is great value. Get out there for <$1250 on a bike that will match those pesky KTM 80 two strokers haha.


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Jul 29, 2010
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South Australia
This thread is almost 4 year's old.
I'm not sure what you are trying to say in the post's above ?
Or if you are just agreeing with the KTM80 smoking the 140cc 4 stroke (which it would)

Drop in and Introduce Yourself here too.


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