2017 razkull 125 not starting!!! need advice

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Jul 7, 2020
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All right on my razkull I was riding it tonight and all of a sudden it started sputtering and acting like it was going to shut off like it was starving for gas but also at the same time it wasn't it was really weird also my battery was going was dead at the time so I was kick-starting it but so I thought since the battery was dead that maybe it was telling it the system to take cut off or something like that so then I disconnected the battery and using the kick-start and still get it to start at reconnected it and then I then it started up I wrote it for a and then it was doing the same thing and then it just shut off on me and now I can't get it to start all right and neither the past things that I have done to modify my mini I'm running a 17 front 41 rear with a 26 mm nibbi high performance speed modified jetted carb running a 40 Pilots a 110 Main Jet needle on middle third slot on the jet needle and the artist ever since I also put these damn lights on the bike like these underglow lights I feel like it's messed start as when it started messing up which I've used with a inline fuse where do you go to toggle switch hooked up right but still it killed my battery in and all this started happening

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