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Discussion in 'Chinese Mini's' started by Rapidrob, Jan 9, 2020.

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    I ride a lot in the mountains. Many times I will be miles from the car and there is no cell service. I needed to carry spare parts, fuel and water. A back pack really hurts after a few hundred bumps.
    99% of the deer trails go over rocks and boulders so the racks must be stable and allow the bikes frame to flex as needed.
    After searching the internet I found over the course of a few weeks two racks that would work. The Coleman CT200 rear fender rack and a Fender rack for a Harley motorcycle. Both were found for just a few bucks.
    Mounting the racks was going to take a little thinking but looked to be very doable and not too time consuming.
    The CT200 racks bracket was not going to work. It would need to be cut off and flipped over in order to bolt up to the Hawg Ty rear fender.
    Once the bracket was free a trial fit was needed to find the welding angle needed.
    A couple of Tack welds were added to allow bending of the bracket to get the angle I wanted.
    The bracket was welded on and the rack repainted.
    Mounting the rack took some thinking. The fender would never be strong enough alone so I found a pair of Commercial / Farming Sprinkler pipe brackets that not only fit the bikes frame, they were also padded so as to not damage the frames paint.
    I then went to home Depot and bought so 3/16" flat stock. This allowed me to adjust the angle of the rack while under load to be level with the bikes frame.
    The rack can hold 100 pounds with no damage to the fender.

    The front rack was to carry water or what ever I needed. The rack and its cargo had to lie under the head light beam.
    All that was needed was to heat up the mounting bracket so it would match the angle of the bikes fender mount.


    This rack worked out much better than I could hope for.

    I found a wire basket at Walmart that fit perfectly on the rear rack and secured it with two aluminum brackets to the rack.
    since I took these photos , I have lined the wire rack with conveyor belt material to prevent cutting into my gas can / emergency kit.

    I have also added a reflector tape and flashing LED Red brake lights to the rack.

    Since I have added the racks I have carried a "ton" of stuff in my mountains for over 500 miles. There has been no problems with balance on any surface as no load is higher than my butt.


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