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Discussion in 'Chinese Mini's' started by Jope22, Nov 12, 2019.

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    Hello, again! Since its getting very dark at least in Finland, I'm thinking about fitting LED light to my pit bike so I can ride it at nighttime. How should I wire it up? I'm going to buy either 18W,36,48W led to my pit bike. seems like I have lighting coils because I have 2 yellow wires from the stator. I already have the 12v regulator, I have ordered Diode rectifier KBPC 5010 it should turn AC to DC. Should I fit the rectifier before the regulator? Another thing is that some riders recommend adding Capacitor to smooth out the DC power. Not sure what size cap should I order. I have taken look at the 63V 6800uF capacitor. I'm not electronic engineer or anything so not sure about the capsize and sort of stuff. Do I even need the capacitor not sure but in videos it makes the LED brighter? I have switched from old Mercedes 312cdi so they are at least good. I know how to wire the Regulator, switch and light but not sure should I put the rectifier first then cap, reg, switch, light. Big thanks in advance!

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