apollo 125 will not run, brand new

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Jun 8, 2021
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ok guys, I am turning to a forum for help and answers.
Got a new apollo db 125cc bike. arrived, put together, wouldn't start at all. i knew the carbs were junk from the factory, so i got a mikuni vm22.
i installed that, new air filter, bike started first kick with the choke on. as soon as it warmed up, i turned the choke off and it would just die. could not find any leaks anywhere.
started it again with the choke on and it was hesitant and rode it around with the choke on (fuel enrichment). seemed ok, had a lot of smoke from the head pipe and oil was dripping out of it?
thinking it's a fuel/air issue, i tried starting with no choke and a little throttle. well now it had a mind of it's own, and was idling erracticly going super high and then would die off, i tried again and had to kill it because it got really high idling all over the place. at that point, i was stumped.

i figured my fuel was weird, so i drained it from the mikuni and it was greenish. odd because i just filled my gan with amsoil stabilizer in it not too long ago. drained the tank, cleaned out the carb. put it back together with fresh no ethanol 95 octane fuel....no start whatsoever, not even with ether as an aid.

got a new spark plug and new cdi box, put them in, first kick it sounded like it wanted to fire and wouldn't. now if i give it a bit of throttle to start, it will not do anything and at one point, giving throttle kicked the kick starter back up?
guys, i feel dumb and i am not mechanically inclined, i have built subaru motors.

i have a new piston/head on the way cause i feel like it's dead. can anyone help? and can anyone tell me where i should start with the air/fuel mixture and idle screw on the mikuni?

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