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Jul 30, 2022
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I have that 72" long Honda Rebel 250cc Clone by Pagsta called the Choppa that originally came with the 49cc or 97cc 4 stroke small pit bike type style engine (IDK what they actually call that type).

I'd get the Piranha or Daytona 212cc but in Atlanta and in traffic I'd never get out of 3rd gear so that'd just grind and kill the engine, especially with all the stop and go redlights.

The first part of this year I found a site that had a 150cc automatic with AfterPay options and I believe they were in Australia, but now I can't find the site anymore.

Also the price of the 212cc is too much for me to risk accidentally burning up and killing, which I had a bad habit with doing on the 4 speeds either due to no oil gauge on the odometer or choking it in between 2nd and 3rd gear in traffic.

A old harley friend of mine said put a panhead in it. haha

Any help and suggestions on engines would be great, as it's at the shop awaiting a new choice.


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