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Oct 14, 2020
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I am hunting for any input on tire selection for my situation. I have searched on the forum for what people are suggesting but my situation is a little different.

I am pretty new to the mini world and I have a 2020 SSR 170. This bike will be utilized mainly at the drag strip making runs back and forth from/to the trailer and to the end of the track on occasion. It wont be cruised around to much on other surfaces (grass, dirt, etc.) other than when it is at the shop getting loaded on/off the trailer.

I am seeking suggestions on what tire to utilize? I love speed an intend to rip around when I am on it and I want it to handle well when I do. I am also seeking a good look. I have considered the Perelli Diblo but at the moment I am kind of wanting to run a Dunlop if they were comparable due to the fact that I have utilized Dunlop for different applications in the past and I love their product. Having said that I am not stuck on anything at the moment. I also want to know what size tire/wheel. I see most are running the same size front and back?

Any input or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and God bless.

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