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Oct 14, 2020
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Hi guys. I need help. I've searched all over youtube and google and it seems I have a carb issue?

So the other day this piece of junk didn't start. Cranked real good, had spark at the plug, 12.7 V from the battery. Good crank but nothing.

The next day after reading some thing online I decided to play with the carb, I started turning the screw next to the pet cock valve and gas started coming out of the hose all indicated in the pics. And sure enough I went to start it and it started. Crazy idle , took me about 5 minutes to get it right but it ran. We took it out and got 22 miles on it ! WOOO WHOO

So the next day I go to start it and again crank no start. I did the same maneuvers as before playing with screws but no luck this time. I'm thinking of going ahead and swapping the carb, but have never done it. Any pointers or good tutorials? I checked youtube but they aren't really clear to me....I'm handy but never have done a carb. I expect to spill gas but hope to keep it minimal. Thanks if you read this,


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