Carberuetor problems........ Apollo 125

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May 10, 2021
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I own an apollo 125cc RFZ dirtbike and have had it for a few years. As with all chinese made quads, threadlocker is forbidden, and every bolt comes loose........ the throttle assembly on top came loose, the one with the throttle cable, huge spring, plunger, little clip and big needle. i got it put together as the diagram i found shows, and it works ok. But after having the carb off, and putting it back on, it started running bad, as in, it revs and idles ok, but when you hold the throttle it surges like a lawn mower, it runs ok, then stops running, then starts running, so on. it did not use to do this. I thought it may have had a vaccum leak, but a spray bottle and soapy water proved that theory wrong.
Does anyone have any ideas???? Help greatly appreciated.

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