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Cactus Jack

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Jan 18, 2007
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I asked drag racer Bill Oakey who owned American Auto Parts if Golden Lodge spark plugs ($24 each ... They were pink and gold and had 4 electrodes around a centre ring) would increase the power of my fully worked Holden 6 ... Bill raced an alcohol dragster that ran two blowers ... one on top of the other ... He told me ... "You can light a bucket of gas with a spark OR a blow torch ... but the results will be the same ... I run good old plain Champion plugs in our dragster ... we have noticed zero increase in speed or elapsed times on the track with ANY fancy plugs " ... The only thing that has proven beyond doubt to increase power is multiple spark discharge ignitions ... and that's only because they get extra goes at relighting flames that snuff out ...


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Feb 9, 2009
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sydney... north of
depending on plug brand and location of th "r" in the plug number, it can mean "resistor" or "reverse"

most bikes have a resistor in the plug cap on the end of the HT lead...ever wondered what the "5k" meant? BUT!!! as i found on my postie, just wiring the lead to the plug burns out your coil, and your cdi module:eek:...why cars use the resisted plugs usually...

and it stops ya radio making nasty noises... thats also what the condensor does...

with "reverse" plugs, its the way the gap POINTS inside the cylinder...also called "indexing" a plug....
say a champion dj8 and dj8r.... if you compare them, you will find that the gap when installed in your head and tightened to torque, are 180 degrees difference...sounds useless, but in bigger engines makes a huge difference... to do with where the flame front starts in the cylinder....

on that note, a helicopter has twin electrode/ twin plug/ twin magneto systems..... safety, and a small piston powered chopper in pre flight checks....(and the audi twin spark?)

start with both magnetos, idles high...switch to one magneto, idle speed drops. back to both...idle high again...switch to other magneto...idle drops again....

these are BIG cylinders, and having the two flame fronts helps for better/more efficient combustion....

yeah, so i was an apprentice chopper mechanic til they moved and i couldnt travel the what? wish id moved too, years later:(


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Dec 22, 2008
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yer most bikes say they come with ngk genuines. but when you get the bike its just a cheap china spark.. and i changed mine strait away but i wsnt sure witch one to puchase::s

Pit Pro Girl

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Jun 22, 2009
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Hi, I have a DENSO spark plug in my bike. It there any chart to convert it to an NGK plug?

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