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Aug 14, 2019
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Hey guys,

Sorry my first post is asking for help, but I am not sure what to do at this point. I purchased a BT200X a couple months ago and have taken it out a total of 3 times on some back trails. Here is the order in what happened:

-Purchased bike and put together
-Cut off the tack-welded throttle screw
-Took it on a 5/6 mile trail ride and everything was great
-Took it on a 3/4 mile trail ride - steep and rocky, so I was on the throttle a lot. About halfway up it seemed like the throttle was stuck open and I was riding the brakes a lot. If I would let up the brake, the bike would take off. I turned around and basically coasted back down the trail to the truck. Thought it was the throttle, but it seemed like the governor arm wasnt returning all the way to closed.

-After taking off the air filter and carb, taking off the gas tank and evaluating all the springs, I ordered and replaced all of the springs on the throttle and governor arm.

-I talked to a couple small engine mechanics over the phone and they indicated that the carb might be the issue - like stuck float pins or something.

-I ordered the stage 1 performance kit from GoPowerSports and also a new carb with the jet already installed.

-I put the new air filter on yesterday and the header, the new carb, and reconnected all of the throttle springs, and the carb is still not closing and I think it definitely has something to do with the governor arm.

-I put a make-shift spring on the governor arm going backwards to pull the arm tight to the closed position. I started the bike and it was running fine at first, took it up and down the street, then gave it full throttle and all of the sudden I got a huge surge in power/speed. I tried to slow down, but the carb seemed to be stuck open again. Took it back in the garage, looked at the governor arm and it appeared to still be pulled back and closed per the spring I put on there. I then started it up in the garage and it took off like a bat out of hell. I ran next to it and luckily was able to hit the kill switch before it was gone. Pulled the bike back in the garage and called it enough for the night.

-With the gas tank moved to the side I started looking at the governor arm - there is a T screw that goes through it and a nut to tighten on the other side. There is also a pin to hold it together. I have zero clue on what could be causing the governor arm not to return? Is it because I was running it heavy on the steep and rocky trail and something gave out? I would like to just remove the governor all together, but I am not super technical when it comes to cars/trucks/bikes/engines.

At this point I'm debating on taking to it a small engine repair guy or continuing to try to figure this out myself. It sucks, since I have only gotten 2.5 days of riding out of it and its kind of dead in the water at this point.

I'm wondering if the governor is shot or not working right, if using the below throttle linkage to bypass the governor would work?


Basically the governor arm would just sit there and the carb wouldn't be dependent on the arm returning it. Just wondering if I did this, what could be the possible repercussions? I have a buddy at work that said he would help me with removing the governor and putting on the governor removal kit (https://www.ombwarehouse.com/honda-gx200-196cc-clone-governor-removal-kit.html), if this doesn't work. Not sure if the governor does anything else within the engine that would cause the throttle assembly I linked to not work?

Any help, ideas on what to try, direction, or anything at all would be super helpful. I appreciate any help anyone is willing to give.

Thanks and sorry for the long drawn out explanation, but I wanted to give the best picture of what has happened since I got the bike.


Darlene Williams

I bought my grandson a new bt200x mini bike. It starts but will only run for a couple of minutes then dies. We put a new spark plug in even thought it's a brand new bike. I don't know what to do. When it's running he's a happy boy, it just won't run long.

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