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  • Corey58

    Votes: 30 31.6%
  • Hillz

    Votes: 5 5.3%
  • 50'sbrotherhood#1

    Votes: 5 5.3%
  • Dodge

    Votes: 2 2.1%
  • Unit mx

    Votes: 4 4.2%
  • Mini Mulisha

    Votes: 29 30.5%
  • Coolmodee01

    Votes: 6 6.3%
  • Pitmaster

    Votes: 3 3.2%
  • Flarry

    Votes: 8 8.4%
  • Redbarron199

    Votes: 3 3.2%

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VCM B Grade 2013 Champion
Apr 22, 2007
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no fixed aboud
well what a year it has been

we've had alot of good bikes come through the months

but now it's time to choose the bike of the year

here are your contenders

NOTE: i encourage contenders to post up recent pics of there bikes as they may have changed scince they one for better or worse!

YouTube link YouTube - 50 OF THE MONTH Miniriders
January Winner

119cc dohc twin cam 4 valve Daytona
Daytona 4 valve head kit
Daytona 5 disk wet clutch kit
Daytona outer roder kit
Daytona high volume oil pump
Daytona oil cooler kit
Daytona 4 speed close ratio gearbox kit
Honda CRF 50 engine case's
Elka rear shock
Marchozzi 35mm USD forks with optional rebound and compound kit and 5k heavy spring
2 left forks for twin disc brake front end
twin 4 spot radial mount billet Brembo's on a custom made billet hub with hand made stainless steel mounts
GSX 1100 Nissan master cylinder with ABS control
32mm stainless mandrel bent head pipe with Yoshimira stainless muffler
28mm keihn carbi
carbon fiber side cover
Yoshmira and muggen catch cans
Bridgestone battlax 601 SS tires
SRG EK chain
12.9 high tensile bolt kit
Digital tacho/hour meter
Race Pod filter
NCS bearings
Carbon fiber tank cover
1.85 12 inch rims front/rear
Mini moto rear mud guard
Hand made foot pegs/brake leaver and axles sliders

Febuary Winner

March Winner
50's brotherhood #1

built from ground up by myself
self sprayed white sdg stlye frame
billet anodised footpegs
pro circuit t4 rep. exhaust
billet clutch lever
alloy rims with billet hubs
fast ace bs-66-ar rear shock.
alloy swing arm.
dp racing chain guide
rk racing chain
uni filter
custom rear shock top mount
machined spindle
machined spacers throughout bike.
ducar 124cc
just to name a few.

April Winner

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VCM B Grade 2013 Champion
Apr 22, 2007
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no fixed aboud
September Winner

its mods:

TB 108 stroker kit,
Race head,
24mm oko speedcarb with a 50mm inlet,
fmf 4.1 pipe,
tb cdi,
redbaron tall seat,
redbaron bars,
redbaron pegmount,
redbaron bashplate,
stratos sr6 forks,
fast50s front hub,
magura gustav brakes,
tb billet 1/4 turn throttle,
billet alloy spinal frame,
billet pegs,
five O engine dressup kit
uni filter

October Winner

November Winner

Trail Bikes 88kit w/Race Head
TB HV Oil Pump
White Brothers Mini R4
Pro Taper SE bars & triple
Five-O Tall Seat
ASV lever
Ishock SB3 V2
+1 Front Springs
Fast50`s 35 Rear Sprocket
RK chain

December Winner
No crf50 here

148cc YXMotor
IRK & Sling
Midrange cam & springs (Akunar)
HD clutch springs (Akunar)
24mm Mikuni Carbie
14t front 37t rear
China chain & Skateboard wheel chain guide
TT92 front tyre
MICHELIN Pilot Sport rear tyre
2.15" rims
Fast Ace AS02's & Fast Ace BS58AR rear
1/8 turn throtle
HONDA format performance oil cooler kit (Akunar)
mix 'n' match front brake setup that works like no other
no rear brake, no disk, no mounts nothing
Alloy Frame
Pro Taper SE hangers & Grips
Fold back flippy brake leaver thingos
Dyno Tuned & then retuned
Bike built on a kitchen scale to be as light as possilbe
Head's complete but not fitted, bigger valves - 3 angle valve seats, reshaped ports blah blah
11.3 HP In thrid gear 63km/h


Well-Known Member
Jul 22, 2007
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location, location
No offence to Corey but I just dont wanna see his bike on the home page again coz I got sick of looking at it when it was there for about 6 months last time. Dont get me wrong though coz it is one crazy bike but its just had its time on show here for long enough lol.


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Aug 18, 2008
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why is every1 voting for pitbikes keep the mini scene real vote tha fiddys i voted for minmulisha would look good on the home page ahving a real fifty on there plus it looks maxed
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