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Discussion in 'Mini Chat' started by redlig, Jan 8, 2020.

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    Jan 8, 2020
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    ok so i picked up a pretty beat up pitbike. it has xr plastics but can anyone tell me more about it. id like to get it up and going as a beater and something to practice wheelies on. ive built a few other bikes with similar motors so im good as far as getting it running but whats throwing me off is pitbike parts. first off i dont know if its a real honda, its missing tons of hardware including axels and the rear adjustment blocks on the swingarm. looks like they tried to do disc brakes on it. my plan is to tear it down and get it rolling at least. any sugestions as to what it is and where to get axels and rear adjustment blocks for the swingarm? should i try and get the disc set up going or just do drums? maybe front disc rear drum? the rear hub is shot so i could go to drum easily with a new hub right?

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