Fork bottom's loose?

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Apr 16, 2013
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Goolmangar, Nsw
Hey guys, i was out riding yesterday, when I noticed my front wheel seemed kinda loose. o stopped to see if a bearing or axle was losse, but they were fine. Once i got it home, i realized that its the bottom of the forks that were loose. They are alloy, and screw onto steel forks, so I'm not really surprised there is play there. Just wondering how I can fix this? Its got about 2-3 mm play there, it feels like your riding with a flat front tyre. Hope I explained it clearly enough, but if not, I mean the part of the fork that the axle goes through, and the brake caliper bolts onto. Clear as mud ;) haha


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Jul 29, 2010
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South Australia
You'll need to remove the fork from the tripples, unscrew the foot from the stantion
Then loctite the threads and refit it tight
Use some soft jaws in your vise to clamp the stantion and tighten the bottom by using your front axle to turn it.

Some fork's use a grub screw in the fork foot to lock it to the forks, sometimes one of the fork protectors' screws has a longer screw too.
That wouldn't be too hard to add a grub screw to your's if you wanted, drill and tap a hole in the foot then loctite a grub screw in there and do it up.

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