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Jul 10, 2021
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Just bought a 2004 CRF70 for 300$ with a lifan 125 swap. Bike is rough but in a few months it should be pretty sweet.

learning the hard way about mikuni fakes or licensed copies. Ended up going to the local dealer to order one. Need a different manifold to bolt it up.

bought a TRC X4 swingarm and next week ordering the elka stage 2 shock. After that getting the marzocchi fork setup and tearing the bike apart to tidy up wiring and paint the frame and finally dropping in the Daytona 190 in it.
I’ll do lots of little things like levers, shifters, plastics ,etc but first I just want the bike to feel tight and not like it’s going to fall apart.

As for a little about myself I’m 29 years old. I work at a neat little race shop in Royse city, TX which is going to help building this bike some. We don’t do motorcycles but we do have some very talented fabricators!


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