HELP! Hard to find brakes..

Discussion in 'Ask the Tech Masters???' started by some_guy, Jan 10, 2020.

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    I'm restoring an old mini chopper.

    I need brakes! (disc).

    All the goofit, etc brake kits are all off.

    Start here for the gallery and plz find me a link (hopefully amazon) for the correct calipers / controls

    (its really about the calipers, but the kit would be ++). Need front and rear.

    hole spacing - outside to outside is 62mm insdie to inside is roughly 46.5. Center to center of holes is 54mm.

    I've included a gallery. found here.

    I brought this back to life for a customer, came in a pile of bins from a barn find, she runs greats, all lights, electrical, transmission, etc done. BUT IT GOT NO BRAKES!

    I tried 3 generic kits for SSR etc series but too big or small etc...

    It's ready to roll, just cant stop! Help, the brakes are the last piece of the puzzle then its done!

    64mm/51mm/45mm kits (seems to be standard) are all off. The Banjo is 6mm.

    Not a single part has a stamp. The only stamped thing was the motor, a hitori 110cc 4 speed. Not that it helps any..

    Both calipers are the same for the front and rear. Front ones bolt right to forks and dont appear to be the floating type. The bracket you see is for the rear, same caliper. The axles are 12MM (as seen in first bracket pic.)

    I would be in your debt for a darn amazon link. (thats the correct fit).

    Oh and if you can find the decor cover for rt side motor would be a nice feather to finish it off.

    Also, if anyone has a history lesson for me - Interested in the motor -

    the only stamp is this :


    and under that is a (* = star symbol) *5L011173*


    Also learned that people have different standard for measure. IE: inside->inside, end to end, etc on the bolt spacing.
    Hence, some returned brakes. Some places measure the holes incorrectly...

    Really that 54mm on the center of the mount holes is key. Also from the front fork mounts to the disc is is about ~14.5mm. Disc seems to be oddly 3mm +/-.

    Also for the lol, 100 miles on odometer, someone drove it back in the 80's for a summer, ha!
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