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May 26, 2021
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Hey everyone, new member here.
I am having an issue with my apollo bike. I bought the bike 5 days ago and i drove it for 2 days with no problems whatsoever. On the third day i took it on a rip through my local forest preserve. I was there for about 30-45 mins and everything was fine. On my way home the bike started to lose power (i kept trying to give it throttle but it wasn’t going). So I just coasted to a safe place and the bike just turned off. It hasn’t started since then. I got it home and started looking at it but I honestly dont even know what to look at. This is my first bike so I am very very new to bikes in general. I noticed that the gas tank had a small crack a gas was leaking very slowly. The crack wasn’t there before i took it out so im assuming it happened while i was out riding. I already have a new plastic tank on order. So that leads me to my question, would a cracked fuel tank cause it not to start? Maybe because of the crack theres not enough pressure in the system? Im hoping someone has had the same issue so they can lead me in the right direction. Also i am in Illinois if anyone is local I would be more than happy to reimburse you for coming to look at it. Sorry for the long post lol but thanks in advance everyone!

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